Kilam's normal look

Kilam Sacul

May this world burn in hell as I watch the flames ingulf your soul! -Alt-Kilam Sacul

Name Kilam Sacul (alternate dimension)

Nick Name: Pyro, Fake Kilam, red

Age: 16

Race: White

Weapon type: The Red Sin Sythe

Powers: Controls demonic fire and controls a satonic weapon. He also can bring the insanity out of people

Occupation: Have none

Weakness: Malik and Alt-Malik's angle powers, Holy weapons, Annoying people, rather acts before thinking, demon women, The true Kilam himself

Likes: All types of food!, The insanity in people's hearts, fire, demons, people following his orders, burning people alive

Dislikes: Malik, people who are always happy, Church, hates mostly everyone, the good in people, losing to Malik in battle, anything holy


Kilam is the exact opposite of Malik and rather see the world burn to ashes by his hands. He is greedy, insane and evil who loves to see people suffer.


Red Demonic FlamesEdit

Kilam can use fire at his will. He can create spear pillars from demonic energy from his fires and the more people who suffer by his flames the more power he gains

Mind TricksEdit

Kilam can mess with the good inside peoples hearts. His over welding spiritual urge of insanity can drive people to follow him or to lose control the self and become insane and trapped inside their own minds.

Scythe UserEdit

Kilam can convert his sinful nature into a tangible weapon called the sin scythe. This scythe can match up with Malik's sword and can cause him real bad damage. The scythe can set people and buildings a blasé with one cut.

Dimension BreakingEdit

Kilam can open dimensions into other worlds by breaking barriers between the worlds. This can cause devastating effects and can create chaos between dimension. His powers like Malik's take up lots of energy and can leave him defenseless

Dark Spirit PowersEdit

Kilam carries the body of so called MIl inside of him. When his powers are overcome with true evil his hair turns purple and his back will grow two giant black and purple arms with hands that can destroy anything with a single touch. When he is engulfed in that power the upper half of MIL's mindless body will appear from his back. The body itself looks like a half dead demon with flesh dripping off the bones. The body itself is skin and bones. Kilam carries the purple body while Malik carries the spirit. This is the third persona of the two which was split in two when Malik and Kilam became separate entities.


Friends: None

Enemies: A lot of people -_-

Neutral people: (add demons here if you want) Leya, Dark Ace.