Gender: Male

Age: unknown, though he appers to be eighteen.

Species: Fallen Angel

R. Interest: Danava Jigoku- Mate.





Sister: Repa the Angelwolf


Bui-Lis has a pale muzzle with three tinges of fuzz on either side. He has coal black fur with no visible markings or streaks. He has short hair with no bangs covering his eyes. He has grey chest fur that is covered when he wears clothing, as well as the tip of his tail being grey colored. His irises are blood red with the whites of his eyes being glossy white and his pupils being black. It's also noted that if you can see his back that there are two x-shaped scars where his former wings used to be.

Bui-Lis has a pale grey t-shirt with dark red markings shaped like horns, and red sleeves. He has dark blue pants with no markings on the legs.


Bui-Lis is not too fond of most things regarding anything involving angels, and has a great bitterment towards his family. He has a tendency to be cold to most anyone he sees or dislikes and only really shows any kindness or any other emotions to his mate or father-in-law.


Danava Jigoku: Probably one of the few beings he'd share any connections with. She is his mate and he cares about her greatly.