"Cici the Hedgehog! A hedgehog who loves friends and cookies!"


Name:Cici Ichiban

Nicknames:Cookie Girl,Candy,Cece

Age:Need to discuss with FroZen.


Birthday:April 8

Cici is the daughter of Skyler the Hedgehog(AngelFlames) and Vulkan the Hedgehog(FroZenHybrid).She is also the sibling of Lance the Hedgehog(AngelFlames and FroZenHybrid.)


Cici,a female hedgehog,is super SUPER hyper.She is way hyper than any of her family members.If not hyper much,she will start sighing and start becoming moody.She is the type who wants to get their stuff done fast and quick.Cici is obviously the opposite of her brother,Lance.Cici absolutely loves teasing him and playing around with him,making her very annoying.Cici likes taking risks and dares for fun,even though some are scary.

Cici's power is called Colors Aura,which is also a skill for Kyousuke Hime.