Disturbia Lyrics -- Rihanna-1

Disturbia Lyrics -- Rihanna-1

An rp that is related to the song,"Disturbia."This rp will have Evan in it.The next rp will be related to this but has Iruna in it.


Evan the Mink *AngelFlames*

Rise the Hedgehog *AngelFlames*

Eli the Danbo *AngelFlames*

Chapter 1Edit

"Evan!"A male hedgehog shook the female mink,worried."Evan!"A tiny,cardboarded robot shook Evan's arm.Evan jerk her arm away and grabbed Rise's arm."Get the hell away!"Evan uses her right foot to ace Rise's leg.Rise then fell to the ground and groaned in pain.Eli was beside him,shaking his arm.Evan was staring at Rise with her hood covering her eyes.Evan made a wide grin.Rise blinks twice before having his vision blurred.Rise blinks once again before seeing that Evan was gone.All he could see now is black and the glowing yellow eyes blinking,making their wide grin.