"I'm not just a Lycan, I'm a Lycan Skunk." ~ Davien The Lycan Skunk

Basic BioEdit

Coloring of Davien
Name: Davien /David/ H. Yunde

Age: 95 years old

Sex: Male

Species: Lycan Skunk (He is born as a Lycan Skunk. He isn't a mobian that turns into a Big fluffy Skunk. He is natural a Lycan Fluffy Skunk.)

Weapons: Claws, bite and his spray

Weakness: Sun(It weakens him) and Silver

Immune: Stinky stuff, some poisons(That involves smell, poisons that he swallows he isn't immune to)

Advance BioEdit

Nickname: David, Dav, Davi, Fluffy Skunky (By a childhood friend when they were little)

Colors: Dark grey and white strips

Height: 5'5 [may change]

Weight:323 lbs

Habits: Walking at night.

Hobbies: Staring and playing memory games.

Alignment: Neutral/Neutral evil.

Background: (Working on)

Powers and common abilitiesEdit

Here is his Powers and Common Abilities as said.


  • Able to see in the dark
  • Spray a burning[To eyes] and smelly liquid at people
  • Well hearing
  • Heat vision


  • Control acid from a distances
  • Catch bullets in the air (Half the times if it is small enough and isn't too hot. So he can't be extremely close to you when you fire a gun.)
  • Turn into a Animal Skunk



  • Juna Y. Yunde (Mother/missing)
  • Yoka J. Yunde (Father/Alive)


  • Hila K. Yunde (Sister- not born and missing with mother)
  • Lane I. Yunde (Older Brother/Alive)
  • Oben J. Yunde (Youngest Brother/ Dead)



  • (who can be his childhood friend?)
  • Bukimi Unsil (Fighting Partner)
  • -Insert-


  • Lane (Older Brother)


  • -Insert-

Love InterestEdit

  • Icrilie the Polar bear(FroZen) - He considers this male his own mate, since he haven't met a Lycan of his kind ^^;

Theme songsEdit

Korn vs Blue Stahli - Coming Undone vs Ultranumb With Lyrics

Korn vs Blue Stahli - Coming Undone vs Ultranumb With Lyrics

Davien's Theme song