"I hope you don't mind me crashing this party~" ~Anti-Baine (Eniab) the Hedgehog [I know, how real of me ^w^]

Anti-Baine(Eniab) infoEdit

Name: Anti-Baine
Eniab and the pole With clothes

Official new appearances

Real Name: Eniab

Age: 18

Species: Hedgehog/day walker [type of vampire]

Powers: None (I just believe it's better that way)

Weapons: Daggers, knives, and a Dirk.

Appearances: Unlike Baine. Her fur is dark shade of blue, with black eyeshadow, and black highlight tips on her bangs. Her hair is put into a ponytail, so it doesn't get in a way when she attack others. Her eyes are a Dark gray. Her outfit... Is proper for her mature attitude.

Backstory: Eniab used to be part of an Anit-team. Holding Anit-Yellowtiger, and Anit-Daemondan. However, Anit-Yellowtiger was always angry as Eniab hates angry people. Eniab also couldn't flirt with Anit-Daemondan, as he was always insane... Or, she believed that.

Personality: Eniab is a flirty, risk taking female. She will do anything to get what she believes she wants.

Likes: Getting her way, fighting, flirting with anytime of male that are insane, and Stealing things that don't belong to her.

Dislike: Laws, Heroes, Any type of good person(An lest it's male), Other females, being beaten in a battle, insane males, and not getting what she want.


  • Anti-Yellowtiger(Rival). It's a cold relationship, Eniab finds Anti-yellowtiger nothing more than a girl who doesn't stop talking, and is corrupted in the mind. She and Anti-Yellowtiger used to be "Friends" but, Eniab used that excuse to try and get closer to Anti-Daemondan.
  • Anti-Daemondan(nothing to her). She finds him pathetic, at first she had a crush on him. But, now it is a completely hateful taste towards Anti-Daemondan.
  • (Add character here)

Love interestEdit

  • Somnus [By FroZenHyBrid ] {Not the only one}
  • [Any males would do]

Theme songsEdit


Chaotic Neutral


She could wear anything, but she loves to wear things that she consider "hot". So, short-sleeve, and tight shorts. Or something along those lines.

Reason behind EniabEdit

I just really wanted an Anti character for Baine. And Eniab appear after working on such a character. Eniab is the pure anti of Baine. With the skills to fight with daggers, knives and a dirk. Eniab is a risk taker compare to Baine. I was thinking of a dark form for Baine before I made Eniab an Anti for Baine. I think an anti was a better route for Eniab than being Baine's dark form. (Leaves Baine being an innocent by stander ^^)

Pictures of Eniab (Anti-Baine)Edit