Faven the Demon

Normal appearances

Basic bioEdit

Name: Faven Gigen

Age: 2,678

Mv: 4

Weakness: Not having Truth syrums - she can become a psycho freak when it comes to Truth syrums, but she also become weaker without the Truth syrums... She's a strange person.

Angels - She has a fear against them, no one knows why, but she does.

Pyshco freak: With no Truth syrums, she had two different boosts.

10% boost for Atk and HP

-10% downfall in int, Def and spd

Faven StatsEdit

HP 90%   Fist D

SP 130%  Sword D

ATK: 99%  Spear B

DEF: 94%  Bow A

INT: 120%  Gun A

RES: 85%  Axe: D

HIT: 99%  Staff: S

SPD: 20%

Side effects of the Turth syrumeEdit

In human years, she is 26, but her appearances is 15.

Her colors changed to whatever mood she is in.

Skill setsEdit

(Still working on)

Magical skills

[Strong state]

Omega Fire 60 SP 36/36

Tera Ice 150 SP 36/36

Giga Wind 25 SP 36/36

Mega Star 16 SP 36/36

Giga Heal 40 SP 24/24

Magic Wall 8 SP 24/24 [Raises Resistance]

(Weaken state [without Demon turth syrume])

Heal 4 SP  24/24

Star 6 SP 36/36

Mega Wind 10 SP 36/36

Omega Ice 60 SP 36/36

Giga Fire 60 SP 36/36

(Working on)


Is cheerful and hyper, rarely mad.


Overlord[she servents]: Zero the Overlord


Little Sister: Ketty the Angel

Gallery of FavenEdit