Name: Froy Maverick Darkenson

Froy Darkenson (almost colored in)

Age: 10

Type: Unknown???

Species: African Porcupine/ Dark Gaia Lynx


Occupation: None

Love Interest: none

Likes: Darkness, Others pain, his family, messing with his siblings, being creepy, scary things, freaking people out

Dislikes: "Goodie goodies", Bitter tasting things, growing up, Dark Stom scolding him, Nero leaving him behind, the light, having to act mature, having to work


Father: Dark Storm the Porcupine

Mother: Ebony The Guardian of Dark Gaia

Sister(s): Hanail and Janile Darkenson

Brother: Nero Darkenson


Froy wears a black and yelloe jacket that looks like his fathers. He has porcupine qills which are black that are purple 
Vexian Boys 2

Froy Darkenson. The youngest son of his family

 tipped at each end. Froy hardly opens his eyes but when he dose he has yellow eyes with a strange psychotic look in them.


Froy is misgavis and loves to scare people. Froy is a child but is considered one of the most darkest minded people in his class room. Froy loves dark and weird things but it doesn't make him evil. Froy is caring to his friends when they are in need and he cares deeply about his family.


Froy is the last child of Ebony and Dark Storm. He was bore very frail and was thought not to make it to his first birthday. But against all the odds he survived but it's later found out why he was on his death bed. Froy has obtained vast amounts of dark energy and matter from his parents and his powers out match his older sisters and his time traveling older brother. Froy is given special attention by his parents to make sure he is steward in the right path and uses his powers for good because if he becomes a future threat, möbius may be under nightfall for a very long time.


Froy hardly walks because he can levitate with his massive amounts of dark energy stored into his small body. Froy can open black holes and create shadow minions to use at his disposal. Froy has many other powers but he is still young and can't control his abilities.


Froy hates too much light. He is also afraid of being left alone. (Froy is a big mama's boy)


Nero Darkenson

Hanail and Janile Darkenson

Bernie Jay the Bird

Theroy The mongoose

Tinane the Mongoose

Sonne Arminius

Lizzy Arminius


Nero Darkenson

Hanail and Janile Darkenson