" It is rude of a gentlemen to treat a lady like that " ~ Hibiki Fuse
Super High School Level gentlemen - Hibiki Fuse

Hibiki Fuse's Info

Hibiki Fuse's Report Card

Hibiki Fuse's Report Card

Name: Hibiki Fuse

Nickname: Hibi

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Hair color: Dark brown to Dark plum mix with Dark brown

Eye colors: Marroon

Height: 6 ft and 3 inches

Weight: 134 pounds

Bust: Flat [Cause he is male]

Specialty: Super High School Level Gentlemen

Background: (Working on)

Likes: Different shades of purple and dark reds, His friend Emiko, Teas, coffees, and serventing ladies.

Dislike: People harming Emiko, Any lady being treated like trash, Bright red and green colors, Sodas[pop], bitter foods and nothing clean.

Weakness: Unclean things, only able to see out of his right eye.

Fears: Harming Emiko, not treating a lady right.


  • Calm and stable
    • Able to withstand hits better, takes half a heart damages from insults.

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