Chrisette Michele Blame It On Me

Chrisette Michele Blame It On Me

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runa(The Iruna on the left is her beast-liked version.She haunts Iruna)

"I'm fine...I just want to be alone,is all."


Name:Iruna "Kuzami" Luami


Age:890(Looks 19)




Love Interest(s):Xenia(Slave to her.Not sure if its exactly a love interest to her)


It depends on these colors her eyes.

Blue:She is rather clumsy and acts a bit childish.She usually..acts like a child.This happens a lot

Red:She is insane or mad but this happens sometimes.

Green:She is serious and focuses on her task.She is rather calm or quiet when her eyes turn green.

White:She seems to not stop talking about her being fine when people think opposite.

Black:She seems silent


Charm:This is usually the basic power of women...vampire women

Blood Aura


Copy cat

Blood Aura summon

(More to come)


Xenia the hedgehog

Shinda the wolverine

Mist and Raven Ghost the rabbit

Ester the Foxwolf

Shadren the shadow

Shadow Boy(Iruna's shadow)Edit

Name:Shadow Boy

Species:Shadow/Wish granter

Age:No age,same height as Iruna


Alignment:Unknown,probably all or so




He is loyal and formal.He respects those around him.He is a wish granter,which means he can grant anyone's wish and set the time for the wish to happen.There isnt much about him though.


Black Widow: He respects her very much.He looks at her as a trustworthy,respectful widow.

Ester:He respects her and her relationship with Black Widow.He can feel her feelings toward her first master,Black Widow.He comfirms that both have a strong relationship than Xenia's relationship with Ester

Xenia:He sometimes questions himself if she is consider trustworthy and loyal.He still respects her and is loyal to her.

Iruna:Some strange relationship.When alone,they will have a sibling relationship.When surrounded,he acts a  bit servantish

Ceysa the ghost girl:He likes her and feels a bit of a loop in his body.He seems to like her more than anything.He may go a bit rough on her >:3 ("O-ok now you're embarassing me!"Shadow Boy rubs his neck.)

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