"I love the scene of Cherry blossoms..."- Ivory


Ivory's new look

Basic BioEdit

Name: Ivory

Species: Demon Snow Fox

Powers: summoning Ice Will-o-wisp, Summoning blizzards and snowcones.

Shrine skills powers[That she gets being a shrine spirit]: Healing, bring back to life, able to resist elements at 50% [Ice is 90%]. She can summons guadian warriors[any kind, but only once a day.]

Likes: Spring, Winter and fall; Friends, family, Shy males, snow, ice cream, snow hares, cherry blossoms, saki, rice balls and peach bums[a type of sweet]

Dislike: Summer, evil spiries[that want to do harm], destorying of nature, fire , extreme heat and being alone.

Love interest: White


Demonic form - when the patch is uncovering her left eye, she goes demonic and want to rip everything, only her friends and love one can clam her down. She won't even harm them.

Demon Fox form - as a demon fox, she pretty much act like a wolf; even through she isn't one.

Soul trap Demonic Form - More updated form of her Demonic Form.


Theme songs of IvoryEdit



Theme song of Ivory [Appearances and Demonic form appearances]

IAオリジナル曲 『Re;BIRTH』

IAオリジナル曲 『Re;BIRTH』

Fighting Theme [Demonic, giant fox and normal form]

Nightcore - Cynical Skin HD

Nightcore - Cynical Skin HD

[Updated] Soul trap Demonic form Fighting theme