"I don't like it when people stand in my way..." ~ Juniper The Wolf
Juniper's Idea Look

Juniper The Wolf -Inforamtion-

  • Name: Juniper 'Gloria' Wolf
  • Nickname: Juniper
  • Age: 17
  • Species: Timber wolf
  • alignment: Neutral
  • Gender: Female
  • Fur color: Light gray with dark gray
  • Hair color: Dark purple (Opinion has been made. She does look good with dark purple hair -w-)
  • Eye color: light Blue
  • Weapon: huge metal hammer
  • Backstory: (Being worked on)
  • Weakness: Males(Not as much as Krissi), people who fight with guns(They have range on her)

Likes and Dislikes

Juniper likes roaming the streets, knowing she can handle herself at all times. She like wines, fruits, chicken, beef, sodas, and hanging out with Krissi.

Juniper doesn't like some males, mostly the brat types or the "I'm cool" types. She hates wearing long sleeve shirts.

Her Metal Hammer

The Metal Hammer she carries around is mostly too heavy to carry to most; Most people would have a hard time trying to pick it up without sweating, but Juniper has talent in picking it up and walking around it like it's nothing. That's cause her hammer has some knowledge of who is the user, if it doesn't know who is trying to pick it up; well, it'll be a heavy hammer that you don't want to drop on your foot.

Theme songs

Nightcore - Still Alive

Nightcore - Still Alive

Junpier's theme between childhood and adulthood.

(work on later)


Krissi The Vampire Dog

King (Onup)




(So far, all I know is that she has been on the streets forever.)

Love interest


Pictures of Juniper