Christina Perri - Human Official Video

Christina Perri - Human Official Video

"Why are you always getting jars of hearts,you lover thief?!"~Kalina
Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts Official Music Video

Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts Official Music Video

Real Name:Kalina

Name she gave to herself:Nyasia

Age:21(appears 16) Color of Scales:Dark purple/black

Color of eyes:

Used to be:Green

Now:Dark Blue

Hair:Long silky black hair with white strand of hair.

Species: Blue Dragon(known as Cristasa) Interest:

Ajex(Not anymore)

BackStory Edit

Kalina lived in a planet,Criastu. A city, Lutania, is where Kalina lived. She used to have a boyfriend named Ajex. A few years, Kalina found Ajex kissing another girl. "I-I can't believe it....y-you thief! Collecting jars of hearts! Thief of hearts you are!" Kalina scolded Ajex and took off,crying in the rain. Rain drips on her as her tail grew a blue flame on the tip of it. She pants as she reached to an unknown ruin. She stayed there for a while. A red-liked string appears, the end wrapped around her finger. "'ll find your true love.." Her crystal-liked necklace talked. "A red string will lead you to it.." The red string appeared to be cut. "That's your string with is now broken..but will soon be recovered.." Kalina looks at the string before smiling a bit at her crystal's words.

Powers/Abilities/Skills Edit

Flight speed: She can fly fast.

Toxic Luma: She raises up her hand as a toxic gas flows around the air, poisoning the enemy.

Crystal: Her crystal contains crystal magic.

Voices: Kalina can hear voices in her head..this caused her nightmares. This can also make her recall her conversation with Ajex.

Memory: She can remember/recall any memory. The memory of Ajex makes her depressed most of the time.

Trivia Edit

She kinda regrets getting a new lover..

She was in a relationship with Ajex but Ajex cheated..

She is insane sometimes.