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" I can see you know." ~ Lizzy
Lizzy (Fire Arm and Ruza's Daughter)


Basic BioEdit

Name: Lizzy Flames (Vexian style name)

Nick Names: Liz, Lizzy, Hot stuff (By other males), Cutie pie (From her brother.)

age: 15

Elemental power: Fire/Fire summoning

Species: Fire Hedgehog and Cat / Vexian-mobian Mix

Attire: (The outfit you see in the picture) and Tribe clothes.

Job: Doesn't know yet (She is still trying to figure that out)

Birth Place: Where Fire Arm lives

Fur colors: Orange and red (With chest fur of orange/yellow and her muzzles is tan.)

Eye colors: Light blue with red puplis (Because she is blind)

Love interest: None

Likes: Fire, Hot places, Beaches, Listening to her Father, Her mother, her brother, spicy foods, Friends, The Fire hedgehog tribe, Exploring and sweet foods.

Dislike: Morons, Most males (Cause all they want is to be part of her family for the riches and stuff), annoyances and drama queens.


Father: Fire Arm

Mother: Ruza

Brother: Sonne

Uncles: Thunder Punch, Volco, Dark Ace

Cousins: Tinane and Theroy


  • Tinane
  • All her animals


  • None


  • Anyone who dares threaten the tribe and her family


Lizzy can control extremely power fire, to the point she can have fire summon pets.

Fire summoningEdit

Fire summoning can summon fire-type animals of anything she wants.

  • The Fire bird is known as Phi.
  • The Fire rabbit is known as March(For easter)
  • The Fire Dragon is known as Danl
  • the Fire Cat is known as Slyivn
  • the Fire Dog is known as Kalen
  • the Fire Wolf is known as Husk
  • the Fire Deer is known as Doe(Yes, cause she can.)
  • The Fire Hawk is known as Beynh
  • the Fire Eagle is known as Oline
  • the fire Bat is known as Dusk.


She pretty much has her Father's personality, easilly pissed and doesn't take stupid questions lightly. She cares extremely for her family and is willing to kick anyone's butt about it.

Theme songsEdit

Marina and the Diamonds - How To Be a Heartbreaker

Marina and the Diamonds - How To Be a Heartbreaker

Fighting theme?




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