"I protect my village and my people.I will sacrifice my life for their lives to be saved."


Name:Lovisa Lancelot


Alias:Village's Sword

Hair:Vanilla/Caramel Brown

Birthday:June 7

Homeplace:Prune Village

Voiced By:

Carrie Savage(Who voiced Kaede Fuyou in Shuffle)

Lovisa is a soldier/knight for her village.


Lovisa Lancelot is protective of her village.She is cold when she first sees a visitor,but might get softer when the visitor doesn't seem hostile to her.She is alert 24 hours a day,and doesn't sleep,but does get tired.Whenever she feels tired,she leans against the wall and cuts a tiny cut on her hand,which makes her awake for whatever reason.

She is the only knight who is young.Lovisa doesn't and never cares about the fact that she's young and the only knight who is young.She is helpful with her people,and does her best to make them feel safe.

Lovisa seems like she has no emotions,but she does expresses happy emotions to the villagers.Sometimes at night,she does express a depressed and tired emotions.

Lovisa's breast size is a B or a C.Between those two.

Lovisa's greatest weakness is worrying too much for her people,therefore almost making her sub-conscious for whatever reason and involving an almost death approach.Another weakness is being insulted for not being a good knight or protecter of the village.She expresses an I don't care emotion,but does insult herself during the night,also leading her to an almost death approach.

Her hair used to be long to her back,but was cut off to her shoulders.

Lovisa doesn't have any romantic interests,but might.


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麻枝 准×やなぎなぎ「無敵のSoldier」

麻枝 准×やなぎなぎ「無敵のSoldier」

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【Kokone 心響】Cry For A Star - VOCALOID 3

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