Yes Judas wants to introduce Kaede to Emily, so what will happen will Emily approve get jealous or something completely random.


Judas: Can't wait for you to meet her ^_^

Emily looks at Judas,confused."Who brother?"

Judas: My girlfriend Kaede ^_^

"Brother has an interest? Yay!"She hugs him.

Judas:*hugs back*  I really like her to and one off these day i hop you'll introduce me to your boyfriend ^^

"Well,I'm not sure if Tobias considers it."

Judas: So you two aren't dating?

"I'm not sure.."She plays with her finger,

Judas: Ask him out on a date ^^

"Isnt that a bit wierd asking a robot?"

Judas: He's a robot? Well it doesn't mater you like him so ask him out Robot or not.

Kaede: *A female wolf gone over to the two, sighing a little bit but smiiles sweetly* Hello!

Judas: *Hugs and Kisses kaede* Hi ^^

Kaede:*kisses Judas in return* Sorry for being a little Late, Judas. *she smiles*

Judas:That's alright ^^ I want you to meet Emily my sister

"We're not blood siblings and its nice to meet you."She bows

Kaede:*smiles* I am Kaede ^^

"Kaede.Nice name."She smiles.

Judas: Kaede's very sweet to me

Kaede: Thank you ^^ *hugs judas*

Judas:*hugging Kaede* No problem so now that we're all together let go on an adventure ^^

Kaede:*Jumps* Yay!

Judas: Sis any interesting places you know of^^

"I'm afraid I have nothing..If I was evil,I've would lead you to Nardia's place.."


Judas: Whats at Nardia's place?

" dont wanna know."

Judas: But that makes me want to know more -_-

Kaede: That makes me conside, Judas.

Judas: I'm just curious ^^.

Kaede:*Hugs Judas*

Judas:*hugs Kaede Tightly, pick her up and carry her in his arms*

Kaede:*Giggles, hugging close to Judas*

Judas:*Kisses Kaede wile holding her*

Kaede:*return the kiss*

Judas: Will you spoil me again *resume holding and kissing Kaede*

Kaede:*blushes* Not in front of your sister... *Has a sweatdrop*

Judas:^_^; Forgot she was there my bad.

Emily seems to sweatdrop."Its ok.Im not the jealous person or so."

Kaede:*she had a sweatdrop* I-It's not like that, It's just... It would be wrong to do such a thing.

"Its ok anyways."She smiles

Judas:[Gota change the subject] Hey I have an idea lets go snow boarding ^_^

Kaede: Snow boarding? *confuse*

Judas: It's a refreshing experience ^_^ something the three of us can do together. Don't worry I'll teach you *hugs Kaede*

KAede: Okay ^^


Judas: I'll teach you to ^_^

In the MountainsEdit

Judas: Smell that mountain air ^^(just wearing his regular cloths)

Emily nods.She was also wearing her clothes

Kaede:*Wearing her normal clothes, since she was a timber wolf.*

Judas:*little conern*Emily are you warm enough it's really cold up here

Kaede:*looks to Emily.*

"Hm? Oh.No not at all."She looks at the two

Judas: Really!?! I don't want you to catch a cold. It is some magic that makes you cloths warm?

"Why would I use magic? I like the cold."


Judas: Just checking, you know i worry about you.

"Eh...that what people say long ago just to pity me.."She crosses her arms.

Judas: ... After all the times i had to hunt you down -_- not to mention all the other stuff. Plus the fact you don't like asking help so I end up worrying...alot.

"Why? Its not like I'm gonna- nevermind.."She pauses.

Judas: It's ok we're here to have fun and shred some snow ^_^.