Ogama Scorch Sama The hedgehog informationEdit

  • Name: Ogama Scorch Sama (Trying to make a new design for him. Still having glasses and amber color eyes)
  • Nickname: Scythe, Ogama
  • Age: looks about 18 (390)
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Hedgehog/Vampire
  • Powers: Vampire and mix of fire powers.
  • Fur color: Black and red(Maybe)
  • Eyes color: Amber
  • Weakness: Anything that hurt vampires beside the sun(And no, he doesn't sparkles and all that crap.)


He is neutral


Ogama is chill, lay back and mostly thoughtful of others. He is never harsh nor rude an lest he has to.


Ogama has no noble blood in him, but it doesn't mean he can't act noble-like. In fact, he spend his years in a mansion and going outside to give light talk with most females he come across. He never dare speak to males. There isn't much to his back story, he lived in a farmer family and end up being a vampire the next day. His very calm about it through.

Likes and dislikesEdit

Ogama isn't huge about blood, but it is something he needs to live off. He does love his teas, and enjoy wearing some clothing, mainly wearing just pants; but, he will wear what is counted as noble clothing, or suits. He sometimes does really like cute or hot males.

He, however, dislikes some males and refuse to even speak to them. He also dislike type of females, mainly the ones who only think about themselves.


  • Ivorygrace





Love interestEdit

  • Rei [By oneheart]

Pictures of OgamaEdit