" I think I'm going to be my biggest fan~" - Rosemarie
Rosemarie -Bubblegum bitch- 1

Basic infoEdit

Real name: Rosemarie

Pop Star name: Sweetie lips

Title: Bubblegum Bitch

Age: 16

Species: Red panda

Fur color: Bubblegum pink

Hair color: Blonde Eye colors: Light blue

Eye shadow color: Hot pink.

Muzzle color: Tan [Natural]

Clothing: [Coming soon]

Love interest: [?]

Likes: Man, bubblegum, playing with hearts, acting dumb, overreacting, beach, herself, and Sweet/bitter and bittersweet foods

Dislike: Not wearing her own outfits, other pop stars and spicy foods.


Acts like any teenager girl on love, only a slight twist about her, she loves to toy with other males hearts. Rarely have she found any male she can say she 'truly' loves. A cold player and pop star of the insane public life, Rosemarie earn her name 'Bubblegum bitch' and 'Sweetie lips' out of talent. There is, however, a dark side to her. An insane side of her enjoyment of secretly harming others she highly dislike- not killing them through.

Theme songsEdit

Bubblegum Bitch - Marina & The Diamonds

Bubblegum Bitch - Marina & The Diamonds

Theme song of the Bubblegum Bitch.


[Working on the rest later.]