Gender: Female

R. Interest: Blaze, god of fire

Power: Wind


  • Burnstro
  • Floodon
  • Icrilic
  • Solareana
  • Tytan
  • Electoric
  • Blaze- Fiancee


  • Her Moebian self


Tempestra has a tan muzzle with a distinct lack of fuzz, she has forest-green fur. Her hair is shoulder-length, the whites of her eyes are a glossy white, her irises are brown, with the pupils being black. She has a respectable figure but she prefers to hide it, for when she meets her special one. She has a single bang covering her left eye.

She wears a green loosely fitting T-shirt with a pink heart on the sleeves, she wear blue denim jeans, and she has a pair of black and green sneakers. Her T-shirt also has two holes in the back for her wings to fit through. She also wears a gold collar designed to hold her calamity opal.


She is somewhat impatient like her brother, Electoric, due to her control over the wind. However she tends to flirt with anyone whose single. When she meets someone who has a crush on someone else, she'll try to be a matchmaker and help them. Despite her flirtiness, she simply wants to find someone to love.