"It only takes two lonely people to Fuck love up and make it evil."~ Tinane quoting her theme song
Tinane with her sign

Tinane (with her sign)

Basic bioEdit

  • Name: Tinane
  • Nickname: Tina
  • Age: 16
  • Species: Mostly mongoose and Leopard (Other species are Hedgehog, fox and Tiger.)/ Vexian-Mobian hybird
  • Types: Power + Special
  • Home: Station Square
  • Weapons: Tech thunder Scythe
  • Fur Color: Orang-yellow with tips of Blue and Black
  • Eye colors: Blue
  • Attire: Another T-Shirt(That isn't purple or Pink), any skirt or pants (That isn't off strange color) and her necklaces with her Cyber world cube.
  • Occupation: Secret hacker (As a habit that not even her parents know), Tech repairing (For money), Cyber Hero[Through no one in the Real world knows that truly.]
  • Love interest: None
  • Likes: Her Parents, Theory[her older brother], The Cyber world, machines, internet, fixing tech things, Hacking[secretly], cookies, her mother's cooking, Apple pies.
  • Dislikes: The real world (Beside where she lives), jerks, not being understood, having to act dumb, bitter foods, being alone.


  • Father: Thunder Punch
  • Mother: Venus
  • Big Brother: Theory
  • Uncles: Fire Arm,Volco and Dark Ace
  • Aunts: Ruza
  • cousins: Sonne and Lizzy




  • Her own form, Tinane.Error

Personal infoEdit

Personality: Rarely speaks and normally puts on a fake act that she doesn't care; she truly cares for her family since she rarely has friends unlike her brother. Tina mostly spend her time in the Cyber world that she was given.

Tinane is very socially awkward, and can rarely speak properly to people that she doesn't know well.

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[None to be made yet]


Tina is able to use the techs of her shoes to walk across water, air and even walk upside down. Tina can also form her scythe out of nowhere with one shape of her hand (Forming cyber pixels that creates her scythe in the motion of her hand.) Tina's cyber glasses only work for when she is in the cyber world or is looking for leaks from the cyber world.

Tinane also know small forms of lightning from her father, but rarely uses it as it is just small amout of it.



Name: Tinane.Error.EXE

Code name: Tinane.Error/Ena.Exe

History: Tinane.Error is the cyber version of Tinane's dark side. When Tinane lived more to the Cyber world's rules and life style, Tinane.Error was awaken and haunted Tinane in the living world while fighting her in the cyber world.When Tinane completely lose it, Tinane.Error comes out and slaughter many people.

(Short story about Tinane.Error's childhood.) Tinane.Error.Exe was borned in a darker version of Tinane's real world, watching Tinane from a mirror inside her little room. Tinane.Error.Exe became jealous at how Tinane had help from others while she(Tinane.Error.Exe) had forever suffered in the dark world.

Weapon: Corrupt Cyber Scythe.

-Theme songs-Edit

The Birthday Massacre - Blue Lyrics

The Birthday Massacre - Blue Lyrics

Tinane.Error.Exe's appearance theme

EGOIST - All Alone With You

EGOIST - All Alone With You

... Theme song.

Cyber TinaneEdit

(working on)

Theme songEdit



Main theme of Tinane

The State of Dreaming - Marina & The Diamonds

The State of Dreaming - Marina & The Diamonds

Theme for Tiane's life

Marina & The Diamonds - The Outsider LYRICS

Marina & The Diamonds - The Outsider LYRICS

Theme of Tinane's appearance (Mix with Tinane.Error in her being)