Venus' new appearances

Venus' new appearances


  • Name: Venus
  • Species: Tiger/Leopard
  • Age: 14
  • Fur color: Light orange with black spots/strips.
  • Eyes: Light blue
  • Powers: None
  • Forms: None
  • Alignment: Good (However, she isn't a hero or anything.)
  • Backstory: Venus doesn't remember her real parents, and she has no clue why she doesn't remember. but, what she does remember is living her adopted father at a cafe that Baine works at. Venus is kinda the female boss of the females who join, while her adopted father is the boss of the males side, being protective of his 'daughter' really. All she has really done is work in the cafe and hang around Baine on her free time. Never has she felt in danger before in her life.

Likes and DislikesEdit

Venus loves working in the cafe, has she does some of the cooking. She isn't the perfect cook, but she can do it as long as she put her mind to it. She also likes hanging out with Baine, as Baine seem to be the only friend she had in her life.

Venus dislike pools or oceans, beaches and swimming pools really. Venus also doesn't like spiders; and she seems to be the one who ends up finding spiders around the cafe when she hasn't clean it yet (Mostly because she never has the time.)


She is shy, but cheerful. Venus is normally the female with a smile, and could show any kind of emotions. She hardly lies, but will lie if she feels the need to.




  • Real parents: She doesn't know.
  • Adopted Father: The boss of the cafe
  • Adopted mother: (Doesn't know)
  • Brothers/Sisters: (Doesn't know)
  • Adopted Brothers/Sisters: (Doesn't know)
  • Cousins: (Doesn't know)
  • Adopted Cousins: (Doesn't know)
  • Husband: Thunder Punch
  • Son: Theory
  • Daughter: Tinane

Love interestEdit

  • Thunder punch [belongs to Sovash]

Pictures of VenusEdit

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Extra infoEdit

  • Due to being a mix breed of Leopard and Tiger, she has half the speed of a normal leopard [still faster than a normal person] and half the strength of a Tiger. [Not enough to count as male strength.]