ChibiMaker Viper

~I'll be the next Overlord~

Basic InfoEdit

Full Name: Viper Crusher

Species: Humanoid-Demon

Age: 1,559

Tittle: Up-coming Overlord?

Cup size: A

Mv: 7

Counter: 1

On love with:Tahen -Demon overlord of his own Netherworld-

Weakness: One track mind- She's completely focused on that one thing often not hearing there advice fact or opinions(especially when i comes to a hot guy).

Her body creat a truminduse amout of magical energy so much that he can't contral it. If she losses control his body will go critical and die. When she starts to slowly lose control instead of feeling pain like other demons his sex drive increases. Just like his father she has to transfer his energy through sex causing whoever she had sex with (in this case Tahen) will gains trumendus powers over time.It should also be noted that over time the she's having sex with (in this case Tahen) will have a dramatic increase on there sexdrive so much that they can only be pleasure by her, of course overtime without regular dose of magical energy the person (in this case yet again Tahen) power and sexdrive will slowly return to normal.


Hidden Skill: She inherit her father sexy 6 sense, she's able to detect anyone with a sexy body. It's easier for her to sense guys with sexy abs ^^.(Its hard for her to sense wemon with big breasts cuse she hate them ^^;)


-Infernal Gun-(Gun)    HP+200               DEF+200                                    HIT+1000  RES+200

-Accelerator-(Shoes)                              DEF+250                 SPD+1000

-Infernal Cape-(Armor)                           DEF+550                 SPD+150    HIT+150

-King Orb-(Orb)                       SP+180                                                                      RES+180




Half Sister(s):

Half Brother(s): Zero the Overlord


Note: Based on a 800 point system

HP 110%         Fist S

SP 110%         Swords E

ATK 50%         Spear E

DEF 70%         Bow S

INT 100%       Gun S

RES 85%         Axe E

HIT 120%        Staff S

SPD 155%

Skills setEdit

Note: Gun Skills comes from Disgaea 2

Personal Skills

Magical Skills

Omega Heal 100 SP: Its the strongest healing spell

Giga Heal 40 SP: Its the second strongest healing spell

Espoir 10 SP: Cures Ailments

Tera Star 200 SP: Strongest Star spell it has no advantage or disadvantages.

Gun Skills

LVL: 1 Tri-Burst

LVL: 3 Gaia Blast

LVL: 6 Proximal Shot

LVL: 10 Shooting Stars

LVL: 15 Totenkreuz

LVL: 21 Inferno

Relation infoEdit

Vassal:Ketty the Angel