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Name: White
White aka Alt-Malik

Nick Name: Alt- for alternat reality

Age: 17

Race: Unknown

Weapon type: The Snow Cross samurai sword

Powers: Controls white flames and ice while using his holy weapon

Occupation: Have none

Weakness: Women, his on procrastination, hair clippers, his shyness, other holy weapons

Romantic interests: Ivory

Likes: All types of food!, the good in people, friends, family, and sparing with new people

Dislikes:  people who have bad vibes, The gang messing with him, evil demons having to end someone's life, Sovash messing with him, and Kilam


White is very kind and nice and will try and help others. He loves to joke around and is prone to play around. White is shy and timid but wont stand for others being hateful and wrong. White is easily bored and isn't very competitive and will snap at people who threatens his family. White is more daring and is more lustful than his other counter part in the original dimension.

Family Edit

Parents: confidential

Siblings: conidental

Lover: Ivory the Demon Fox

Son: Jinbei

Daughter: Suien

Background Edit


Cross PowersEdit

White can create crosses from ice than can freeze anything. His Snow Blade is the most light weight and fastest of all the the cross weapons.

White Flames AbilitiesEdit

White can create white flames which can eternally burn and can be used for exorcism. His flames unlike other cross wielders can be used to detect demons. These flames are very dangerous to demons and can burn forever if not put out by White or other cross wielders. This power is the most destructive out of all.

Dark AbilitiesEdit

When White grows toward sinful power White will be lost into MIL. MIL can control black fire and do everything White can do except use the sword. MIL can teleport and can use black magic (which White's exorcist powers block-out when he's normal).  MIL comes into being when White has insane thoughts and when he drinks blood(or if White gets turned on by a demon). MIL is a spirit and is split up into Malik and Kilam and also can manifest himself in White and Red. MIL isn't the true name though of the spirit.


 His opposite self: Pitch (sub-dimension Kilam)

His SFC Friend: Cloud the Meerkat

New Friends: Ivory the demon, Sovash the Cross sword Weilder, Thunder Punch, The Varea. 9 Crew, (add here)

White's ThemeEdit

FLOW- Image

FLOW- Image