Name:Yurui Orifla

Species:Human Altmer/Dragonborn

Age:16(physically 12)



Dragon shouts:

Throw Voice:When used, this Shout projects or "throws" the voice of the Dragonborn in the direction the cursor is aimed. It is very useful in distracting or moving enemies to a point designated by the Dragonborn. Hostiles will investigate the area targeted by the Shout, as long as they can hear it, and have not detected the Dragonborn (the Perk Quiet Casting can reduce detection greatly). They will move towards the targeted area and search in expanding circles around the spot until they calm down and become passive again. The Shout will also affect creatures that are already alerted, but won't fool enemies that have fully detected the Dragonborn already.

Storm Call:Storm Call is a Dragon Shout in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that creates a heavy downpour, accompanied by a fierce thunderstorm directly above the Dragonborn that throws powerful bolts of lightning down upon anyone underneath, friend and foe alike.