ChibiMaker Overlord Zero

~Bow before me~

Basic InfoEdit

Full Name: Zero Crusher

Species: Humanoid-Demon

Gender: Male

Age: 1,635

Tittle: Overlord 

Mv: 6

Counter: 1

Weakness: Flat chested girl. Why because he can't stand being around them. All the flat chested girls end up trying to kill him one day at the EVIL Academy never got over it. The reason is still unknown why they attack. A 5% decrees for every flat girl on the feild

He's body creat a truminduse amout of magical energy so much that he can't contral it. If he losses control his body will go critical and die. When he starts to slowly lose control instead of feeling pain like other demons his sex drive increases. Just like his father he has to transfer his energy through sex causing whoever he had sex with (in this case Aynlie) will gains trumendus powers over time. It should also be noted that over time the he's having sex with (in this case Aynlie) will have a dramatic increase on there sexdrive so much that they can only be pleasure by him, of course overtime without regular dose of magical energy the person (in this case yet again Aynlie) power and sexdrive will slowly return to normal.

Evility-Overlord's Pride: 10% increase INT and ATK for every unit killed.

Hidden Skill: He inherit his father sexy 6 sense, he's able to detect anyone with a sexy body. It's easier for him to sense women with big breasts (the bigger the easier to sense^^).


-Fleche Enflammee-(Bow)      HP+100               ATK+700                                SPD+100 HIT+500

  • (OR)

-Cosmic Blade-(Sword)          HP+300 SP+300 ATK+2000 DEF+300 INT+300 SPD+300 HIT+300 RES+300

-Exodus-(Emblems)               HP+540 SP+270 ATK+270   DEF+270 INT+270 SPD+270 HIT+270 RES+270

-Infernal Armor-(Armor)         HP+150               ATK+150  DEF+650                                              RES+150

-Chaos Orb-(Orb)                               SP+400                                                                                RES+400




Half Sister(s):Viper the up-coming Overlord?

Half Brother(s):


Note: Based on a 800 point system

HP 110%          Fist E

SP 110%          Swords S

ATK 120%        Spear E

DEF 90%         Bow S

INT 120%         Gun E

RES 100%        Axe S

HIT 120%          Staff S

SPD 30%

Skills setEdit

Note: Sword and Bow skills came from Disgaea 2

Personal Skills

Ground Zero(ultimate)50 SP:[Unlock-lvl 30]He punches the ground causing the surrounding are to explode and burn.

Phantom Slash 25 SP:[Unlock-lvl 20] Slashes the opponent with a hidden blade, It may cuse Poison, Forget and Deprave

Blazing Spirit 5 SP:[Unlock-lvl 10]Raises Attack, Raises Defense, Raises Intelligence, Raises Resistance to a single target.

Magical Skills

Omega Heal 100 SP: Its the strongest healing spell

Giga Heal 40 SP: Its the second strongest healing spell

Espoir 10 SP: Cures Ailments

Tera Star 200 SP: Strongest Star spell it has no advantage or disadvantages.

Bow Skills

LVL: 1 Poison Blast

LVL: 3 Raiden Missle

LVL: 6 Delta Split

LVL: 10 Zielgen

LVL: 15 Doppelganger

LVL: 21 Omega Comet

Sword Skills

LVL: 1 Blade Rush

LVL: 3 Hurricane Slash

LVL: 6 Moon Slash

LVL: 10 Winged Slayer

LVL: 15 Dark X Slash

LVL: 21 Dimension Slash

Zero (Female version)Edit

After taking the Demon Truth Syrume it cause his body to change genders. He first take the Demon Truth Syrume at the Evil academy. there or not the Demon Truth Syrume had anything to do with his weakness is unknown

Age: Same

Cup size: E

personality difference: She much more honest &&

ChibiMaker Zero (femal Version)

~I'll show you who's boss~


[later -_-]

Relation InfoEdit

Vassals:Aynlie The Ice Wolf (and her human form),Faven The Demon



Back StoryEdit

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